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Configuring Atom As External Editor

Unlike any other text editor, Atom (“a hackable text editor for the 21st century”) does not install itself into Program Files/ directory or anywhere near it. On Windows 10, for instance, the installer puts its binaries and auxiliaries into something like c:/Users/yeahyou/AppData/Local/atom/, which makes it difficult to configure Atom as an external editor for such […]


Useful Linux Console Commands For Casual Users

Man, all that syntax that just wouldn’t stay in memory if you’re not using it every day!.. Here’s how you do stuff on Ubuntu. Replace example values with whatever you need. If you cannot tell example values from command names and other parameters, you probably shouldn’t be trying any of it. Please keep in mind […]


Viber Messing Up Android Contacts

One day, I’ve finally found some time to walk through my Android phone’s contacts, cleaned things up a little bit, and adjusted a couple of dozen names for better accessibility, readability and all that. After some time, however, I was surprised to notice that some of the names that had previously been changed into something […]


No Reboot after Update

After having installed new update(s), Windows 7 would by default reboot your computer without even bothering to ask you if you are fine with losing your unsaved data or interrupting on-going calculations. To avoid this, feed the following into the registry (create a *.reg-file with this content and double-click it): This will grant you a […]


Missing Notification Area Icons in Windows 7

Almost after every other system boot (Windows 7 on my Dell laptop), some notification area icons tend to disappear (while the corresponding processes/services are running issue-free). The “champions” are the volume and the power icons, although they are not the only ones affected. And I’m not talking about those “show icon and/or notification” modes which […]


Whimsy HTC Desire

A couple of weeks ago, my smartphone HTC Desire HD running on Android 2.3.5 started to completely freak out: ··  USB tethering ceased to start automatically when the device got connected to a computer’s USB port. ··  When making or accepting calls, the speaker started to turn on at the very beginning of the conversation. […]


Карточная игра «Ясс Отлынщик»

Ясс (нем. Jass) — весьма популярная у седого и младого населения Швейцарии карточная игра, чем-то смахивающая на «нашу» «тыщу». В ассортименте казино, правда, данная забава, как правило, не предлагается, но в частном порядке — в кругу друзей или семьи — очень даже. Принцип прост (хватаешь взятки до тех пор, пока не наберешь победное количество очков), […]


Perfection Loop Knot

This is how I’m hanging my photos (and other stuff) on a picture rail using a fishing line (I didn’t make this video, just found it on YouTube): As you can see, the line shown in the video is yellow(ish) — but that’s just for demonstration reasons. It looks (hides) way better if it’s transparent. […]


External USB Hard Drive under Linux

“640 kilobytes ought to be enough for anybody.” — unknown source (often misattributed to Bill Gates) Yesterday, I had to replace a one-terabyte external USB hard drive attached to my home file server with a larger one… Oh, I wasn’t going to ramble about these days’ lack of disk space, I just wanted to document […]


Ох уж эти професюбители…

Перепост, боян, “было”, классика, “скокаможна”? Ну… да. Но можно ли более наглядно и красноречиво пояснить ситуацию? Ой, вряд ли. Итак… Вопрос начинающего фотографа на одном из форумов: “Недавно приобрел себе камеру Canon EOS 450D. За месяц успел отфоткать кучу фоток, снимал преимущественно знакомых, кошку и просто людей на улице, а теперь подумываю совместить приятное с […]


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“Есть люди, при общении с которыми складывается впечатление, что изначально они были не сперматозоидами, а глистами.”

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“If someone as blessed as I am is not willing to clean out the barn, who will?” — H. Ross Perot