Let’s be clear: I’m not a photographer. I just have an overpriced camera and some more gear which is still subject to figuring out the ways it works. But I kinda like this whole business-while-not-really-being-in-business thing. The “doing” part of it, that is. And yeah, I’m trying and digging, searching and drilling, and all that. My only reward is your pleasure — and that’s more than enough. (For now, anyway.) Cheers!

Since I’m still looking for my dedicated domain of application (while in doubt there has to be just one, to be honest), I’m poking in various directions, such as faces, situations, social events, outdoor activities, live performances, landscapes, flora, fauna, food, objects, stuff and shadows — you name it. A random selection of images from My[snaps] gallery below will give you an idea. (Refresh the page to see more.)

Whatever there is on your mind about that: drop me a line or leave a comment on this page, will ya.

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