You know what I do when I don’t do what I do for a living? Well, pretty much the same, it’s just that I don’t get paid… much… or at all.

It would be stupid to keep offline (some of) the results of my hobby activities, or links to them, or thoughts about them. Especially if this stuff can be of interest or help to someone. So there you go: the zeyaLabs website. I hope you’ll enjoy the place.

Your host here at zeyaLabs is Sergey “Oldie” Sirotkin (yours faithfully), a most-of-the-time software engineer/architect/analyst, a scribbling quill driver, an occasional interpreter, a lazy string’n’keys teaser and a newbie view shooter. If you want to know more, look me up on XING or just drop me a line.

Zeya (pronounced ZEH-ya) is my dog’s name. (Was, that is: unfortunately, she died several years ago.) She, in turn, was named after a river in that part of the world where I was born. (Go ahead, find it on the map!) For this website, I was looking for a name that would be special and more or less unique. I reckon I succeeded.

As for the word “labs” in the name, well, my “labs” are essentially the areas of my work (and joy): the development lab, the music lab, the photo lab, the writing lab and so on. The content is structured and tagged, so I’m sure you’ll find what you need… If it’s here, of course.

Zeya’s working language is English, or at least a CPE-version of it by someone whose mother tongue is Russian. Some of the stuff, however, may be in other languages and most likely will never be translated.

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“It's on the other side.” (Preudhomme's Law of Window Cleaning)

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“Все имеет свой конец, а сосиска — даже два.” (немецкая пословица)