These days, one can write a dozen pages on this and still miss something important. So I’ll make the long story short: everything here on zeyaLabs website is under © copyright by Sergey Sirotkin (Сергей Сироткин, faithfully yours), unless stated otherwise.

I’m not expanding „everything“ into any superfluous word array like „including, but not limited to, one, two, three, etc.“, because „everything“ does mean „pretty much all“, right? I’ve got to expand my name, though, because there are quite a couple of aliases to it: zeyaLabs itself (this is not a company name!), Oldie, Gray Oldman, Gray S. Oldman, Sir Kinot, Seigsi, Сергей Старый, or just Старый. Same guy. Different reasons. Even different alphabets, as you can see.

Wanna sell my stuff or use it in any revenue-oriented product or project? I don’t think so. Not without my explicit written permission, anyway.

Wanna share my stuff with others for free? This is what I’m already doing, but if you feel like copy-pasting, don’t forget the author’s name/alias and a link to this website, thank you very much.

Wanna have something that is not mine but was found on this website? Find out who the authors are and proceed according to their conditions.

All rights reserved, I guess.

Ads I

Think About It

“Недопитая бутылка подобна высшему образованию -- когда-нибудь потом обязательно пригодится!”

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Puns & Slips

“Чтобы коровы меньше ели и давали больше молока, надо их меньше кормить и больше доить.”