Considering the vast variety of possible and impossible misunderstandings about any given piece of information, writing a disclaimer that closes all the holes becomes a real challenge. What happened to our common sense, anyway? Whatever, here we go…

This is a personal blog which is always in transition, so please don’t expect that the information available here is always complete, exact, valid, up-to-date, well-researched, error-free, reliable or accurate in any way. It might be, though, because I’m doing my best to get stuff right. But if you find that my best is not good enough, well, remember I didn’t promise you anything.

That’s right, the content is provided “as is“, and there are no promises, no warranties and no guarantees of any kind. If you are trying something out by following advice, tips, techniques, or recommendations taken from this blog, be aware that you are doing so at your own risk, so please don’t go poking your index finger into my chest shouting „It’s your fault!“ if anything goes wrong.

Absolutely nothing in this blog is intended to cause any harm or damage, physical or mental, analog or digital, financial or legal, to any human being, living creature, vegetating plant, existing thing, real value, imaginary hope, revenue-oriented company, non-profit organization, social entity, ethnic group, individual belief or world religion, therefore I will not, under any circumstances, accept any liability for who- or whatever gets upset, offended, hurt, defamed, broken, injured, libeled, annihilated, disappeared or otherwise disturbed, destroyed or rendered kaput as a result of using this blog’s resources in any way. And I sincerely hope no such event will ever take place.

Whatever I say or display in this blog is solely my personal opinion, which might be influenced by weather conditions, time of day, family members’ mood, inspiration, tax rates, overall length of my todo lists and a whole bunch of other factors — all that at the time of writing. I do not necessarily share that opinion at any other given moment of time. Neither am I claiming to be an expert in any area of discussion on this blog, so nothing I say is to be considered as counseling or professional help.

Furthermore, I am only responsible for my own content, and only on this very blog — up to the limits described in the statements above. I do not necessarily agree with and am in no way responsible or will be held liable for the rest of the Internet, including resources I am linking to or those linking to me or my blog. The same goes for whatever others say or display on this blog, with or without my moderation or assistance with publishing, including, but not limited to, comments, posts, or downloads.

Oohfff… Is that it? I swear I intended to make it short…

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Think About It

“Довольны властью обычно две категории людей. Те, кто не в курсе, и те, кто в доле.”

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Puns & Slips

“Учительница русского языка горько плакала, проверяя сочинения "Как я провёл лето". Теперь она знала, что делать, но годы уже ушли.”