A Hundred Words

A hundred words sometimes cannot
Express as much as one single tear
A dozen sentences will not
Replace a sweet tight hug
No matter where the two belong
In time and space they disappear
Because they realize right now
This moment’s all they’ve got

He’s got to go, and she must leave
She’ll walk away, he’ll turn around
Another hug, the door is shut
Another glance, that’s it
Still feeling dizzy and confused
They’ll have the time to think about
What made their roads cross again
And if they really did

And maybe one day it’ll arrive
A message in an old glass bottle
No tales, no howdys, no address
Handwritten, “Missing you!”
He’ll know it’s her, her scent on paper
There are no doubts to whom she wrote
He’ll step outside into the rain
And whisper, “Miss you too…”

— Gray S. Oldman


1 comment to A Hundred Words

Tati replied on May 6, 2010 at 09:56

That’s f***ing touching..
Reminds me of “butterfly which still flies..”

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