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  • MacBook Forgetting Wireless Network

    Everything had worked just fine until my wireless router waved everyone goodbye and I had to replace it. The model of the new device was slightly different, though, but it did “understand” the settings loaded from backup configuration and — voilà, my mobile devices were back online within minutes. The only thing I adjusted in […]

  • Thank You

    Time wraps around blinks and eyes, Harasses us, confuses minds, And leads us through the usual gray — Nights getting lighter, darker days; Keeps showing us all those lies. Yet something’s always good to feel — Of all the things that are surreal: Us with those mem’ries under seal. — Gray S. Oldman

  • Unwanted Escaping Backslashes in WordPress 2.9

    After an update of a WordPress installation (2.8.5 to 2.9.1), I noticed that one of the plugins, Stray Random Quotes, stopped working properly: each time I submitted or updated a quote containing apostrophes or quotation marks, it came with escaping backslashes in front of these characters. A couple of teacups later I figured out what […]

  • Shoot Yourself in the Foot

    Maybe you’ve seen one of those funny quick guides to programming languages based on Bjarne Stroustrup’s “foot shooting”, like the one I found on Michael Thompson’s blog (this is the most complete list of languages I’ve seen so far). Read it first if you haven’t. Here’s my two cents. PHP: You shoot yourself in the […]

  • Puns’n’slips

    This is a complete collection of “foreign” quotes feeding the random “Puns’n’slips” sidebar box. Russian expressions can be found in a separate post. [stray-all categories=”puns-n-slips_en,puns-n-slips_de,puns-n-slips_fr” rows=21 sort=”DESC”]

  • Think about it…

    This is a complete collection of “foreign” quotes feeding the random “Think about it…” sidebar box. Russian expressions can be found in a separate post. [stray-all categories=”philosophical_en,philosophical_de,philosophical_fr” rows=21 sort=”DESC”]

  • Free Internet Radio

    Here’s an incomplete list of my favorite free Internet radio stations. Some links point directly to playlists bound to 128-plus-kbps mp3-streams, some to websites where you can listen to the channels online. Rock/Blues #LI# BellyUp4Blues — the Internet’s only ass kicking blues rocker. Hard/Heavy #LI# 4U Rock N Metal — hard rock, heavy metal, progressive […]

  • Attaching Guitar Strings to Machine Heads

    Guitar strings do not always want to stay in machine heads. Sometimes they slip, sometimes they snap, and they never hold tuning. If you change your strings regularly, you probably don’t have this problem, but occasional players just don’t seem to be able to keep this little trick in mind. Watch how it should be […]

  • Live Looping with Boss RC-50

    This is by far the best live looping example I’ve seen by now: Jonny Wright performing some derivative of his “Angelina” by looping the guitar and vocals on Boss RC-50.

  • A Hundred Words

    A hundred words sometimes cannot Express as much as one single tear A dozen sentences will not Replace a sweet tight hug No matter where the two belong In time and space they disappear Because they realize right now This moment’s all they’ve got He’s got to go, and she must leave She’ll walk away, […]

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