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MacBook Forgetting Wireless Network

Everything had worked just fine until my wireless router waved everyone goodbye and I had to replace it. The model of the new device was slightly different, though, but it did “understand” the settings loaded from backup configuration and — voilà, my mobile devices were back online within minutes. The only thing I adjusted in the settings was disabling the SSID broadcast.

An unpleasant surprise waited for me when I turned on my MacBook Pro: it said, “None of your preferred wireless networks are available.” I didn’t believe it, of course. Every other device was proving the opposite. I tried to enter the SSID and password anew… aha! It worked! Temporary memory loss, I thought. Yawn. Total shutdown and good night.

Next morning, however, I was greeted with the same phrase again: no wireless network found. Which made me choke on my coffee. A perspective of typing rather long and complex SSID and password every time the laptop is turned on or woken up did not exactly make me happy.

In the next days, I tried to fix the problem by rebooting (all over again) all involved devices, restoring the original configuration, changing the SSID and then the password, enabling/disabling the SSID broadcast, poking a finger at LEDs, swearing and, finally, “killing” the keychain file in the laptop’s system… Nada.

Yesterday, I finally performed a long-planned upgrade of Mac OS X from 10.5.something to Snow Leopard (10.6.latest). And guess what? That’s right, this turned out to be the cure.

$ tribaldance -v -n 100 -c ":-)"

I’m still trying not to breathe while opening the lid of my MacBook Pro, but it works now, every time, it does. Don’t ask me why.


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