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  • Configuring Atom As External Editor

    Unlike any other text editor, Atom (“a hackable text editor for the 21st century”) does not install itself into Program Files/ directory or anywhere near it. On Windows 10, for instance, the installer puts its binaries and auxiliaries into something like c:/Users/yeahyou/AppData/Local/atom/, which makes it difficult to configure Atom as an external editor for such […]

  • Useful Linux Console Commands For Casual Users

    Man, all that syntax that just wouldn’t stay in memory if you’re not using it every day!.. Here’s how you do stuff on Ubuntu. Replace example values with whatever you need. If you cannot tell example values from command names and other parameters, you probably shouldn’t be trying any of it. Please keep in mind […]

  • Странный сентябрь

    Новый сентябрь знает все лучше меня… Дальше прицелы. Метрами литры границу проводят не зря — те же пробелы. Не прочитать память в конвертах, любя, — каракули мелом. Было, бывало, и будет, наверное, но не по делу…  

  • Displaying Random NextGEN Gallery Images

    In NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress prior to version 2.0, it was possible to display a limited number of random images from one specific gallery — like so: This would output eight random thumbnails from the gallery with ID 25, each time different pictures when the page is refreshed. Unfortunately (“thanks” to the company which […]

  • Выбыло время

    Выбыло время-то Розлитым бременем Ничтоже сумняшеся Все в одномнении И ведь без разницы Где что за градусы В каком там порядке И направлении  

  • Viber Messing Up Android Contacts

    One day, I’ve finally found some time to walk through my Android phone’s contacts, cleaned things up a little bit, and adjusted a couple of dozen names for better accessibility, readability and all that. After some time, however, I was surprised to notice that some of the names that had previously been changed into something […]

  • Coding Style: Vertical Alignment Sucks

    No, it doesn’t! — another opinion That’s right, vertical alignment sucks. Big time. Call me names and throw stuff at me, but it’s like a plaque, it’s everywhere, and I really, really don’t understand why. Get ready, this is going to get emotional. I am talking about something like this: Folks who “format” their code […]

  • Мне — улетать

    Фары — сплошной вереницей в столицу. Мне — улетать. Им — наплевать. Сказки — прочитаны вместе раз двести. Жить-поживать, Добра наживать. Время — разлито неровно по стопкам. Не проливать! Больно глотать. Страсти — уже не ненастны и постны. Отбушевать. Не вспоминать.

  • Пять-восемь

    Да ладно… Три года склонений — всё врозь. Искусанных пальцев да гроздь, внезапно пять-восемь опять. Не осень… В штормах понарошку свелось, штрих-коды — по белому, сквозь вокзалы, оффлайн, всё — дотла. Не видел, не слышал, не знал бы, ан нет — три-эф, бизнес-класса билет с надеждой и злостью — в кулак. И живы ж с […]

  • No Reboot after Update

    After having installed new update(s), Windows 7 would by default reboot your computer without even bothering to ask you if you are fine with losing your unsaved data or interrupting on-going calculations. To avoid this, feed the following into the registry (create a *.reg-file with this content and double-click it): This will grant you a […]

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