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Stray Quotes Z3

Stray Quotes Z version 1.9.9.z3 has been released! Changes since last version: exclusion of invisible quotes from stray-all shortcode’s output when using multiple categories; fixed corrupted character encoding in search box on “Manage” page after search request submission (affected accented, Cyrillic and other “non-A-Z” letters); fixed a couple of initialization issues producing PHP notices. To […]


Hello, world!

When you are learning a new programming language, what does your first program usually display on the screen? What, you’re not learning any programming languages? Well… Do you still want to know what the output is? Here it is: This is my first post in this brand new blog, and I’m trying something new indeed. […]




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Think About It

“Учёные утверждают, что человеческий организм растёт лишь до 25 лет. Но об этом, вероятно, не знает ни живот, ни задница...”

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Puns & Slips

“Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.”