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Randomized Post Loop in WordPress

This simple WordPress plugin gives you A Random Post Loop (which you can use to replace any loop on your blog, including The Loop) populated with an arbitrary number of random posts chosen by criteria you specify. It works in the same way as WP_Query::query(), with (so far) one significant difference: it allows you to […]


Stray Quotes Z

This is an adjusted version of Stray Random Quotes plugin (version 1.9.9) originally written by ico for displaying and rotating quotes and expressions anywhere on a WordPress blog: [download id=”2″ format=”1″ autop=”true”] The reason I forked it is the apparent “offlinety” of the author since July 2009: no new posts on his blog, no updates […]



Ads I

Think About It

“Жизнь -- как спорт: для одного -- тяжёлая атлетика, для другого -- фигурное катание. Невезучим приходится поднимать штангу, стоя на коньках.”

Ads II

Puns & Slips

“Кто я вам: майор Советской Армии или паровозный гудок на Казанском вокзале?!”