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Stray Quotes Z3

Stray Quotes Z version 1.9.9.z3 has been released!

Changes since last version:

  • exclusion of invisible quotes from stray-all shortcode’s output when using multiple categories;
  • fixed corrupted character encoding in search box on “Manage” page after search request submission (affected accented, Cyrillic and other “non-A-Z” letters);
  • fixed a couple of initialization issues producing PHP notices.

To get the latest version of the plugin, use the download link in the main article.



Ads I

Think About It

“Чем сложнее ситуация, тем хуже заряжен мобильный телефон.”

Ads II

Puns & Slips

“Уходите по-английски. Не дожидайтесь, пока вас пошлют по-русски!”