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Perfection Loop Knot

This is how I’m hanging my photos (and other stuff) on a picture rail using a fishing line (I didn’t make this video, just found it on YouTube):

As you can see, the line shown in the video is yellow(ish) — but that’s just for demonstration reasons. It looks (hides) way better if it’s transparent. (Surprise, surprise…) And don’t forget about the weight of whatever you’re using it for: a heavy-duty (0.5 mm) fishing line can hold up to 17 kilograms; a bead thread just as thick might handle up to ten. In any case, make sure to read the description on the reel to prevent your cat from being killed by a picture frame or an ornamental welded piece of art.



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Think About It

“Учёные утверждают, что человеческий организм растёт лишь до 25 лет. Но об этом, вероятно, не знает ни живот, ни задница...”

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Puns & Slips

“Наступает ночь... Потом иногда наступает день.”