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Free Internet Radio

Here’s an incomplete list of my favorite free Internet radio stations. Some links point directly to playlists bound to 128-plus-kbps mp3-streams, some to websites where you can listen to the channels online.

··  BellyUp4Blues — the Internet’s only ass kicking blues rocker.

··  4U Rock N Metal — hard rock, heavy metal, progressive metal and all guitar heroes .
··  ChroniX Aggression — loud and clear.

Easy Listening
·· — live from the Monterey Bay.
··  The Jazz Lounge — playing the best in smooth jazz 24/7.
·· — light summer-plate of downtempo and fresh beats of nujazz dipped into the warmth of brazil electro and finely served with a breath of ambient.

··  Psyradio*fm — four psy-channels.
·· — Swiss 24h trance, techno, goa and rave station.

··  Radio Nonsense — it’s all about variety.
··  Alter Nativa Radio — soul, jazz, electro, afro, hiphop, groove, latino.

··  НАШЕ Радио — все о нашей рок-музыке.
··  Rock FM — рок-музыка и все-все-все.

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